Florida Candidates

This is the possible future home of a non-partisan voter information site where all qualified candidates for public office in Florida at the city, district, county, and state level (including Florida candidates for the US Congress) may file documents that they wish to make public. There will be no cost for the service and there will be no advertising.


As stated, the site will be nonpartisan (but each candidate's party affiliation will be indicated as on ballots), and its goal is to provide a one-stop place to help voters determine for whom to vote. Prospective users or other interested parties may contact the owner and publisher of the site at tom.browder@gmail.com.

Liability issues

I cannot accept any responsibility for illegal acts or statements by any users of this service. I will make a good faith effort to take timely action for applicants and they will be handled in the order received; however, since this service is provided at no cost, I cannot be held liable for failure to act in time for any candidate's deadline. I intend to consult an attorney for the preparation of a suitable statement that users of the service will have to acknowedge in writing in their application for the service.

Proposed information flow

Registered candidates will contact the operator of this site by e-mail to request they be listed on this site. They should attach the following docments to the e-mail:

Site layout

The site will probably be organized by election cycle, city and county, with each county's listings including the applicable state and federal offices (and candidates) eligible to be voted upon by that county's residents. Thus, for example, the candidates for governor and US senators would be shown in each county's section. Each candidate's name would link to his or her own page where the candidate's documents would appear.